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Commercial Painting Services

When talking about commercial painting we can go on for pages and pages so we promise not to bore you with every single detail. Project scope for Commercial projects:

  • Universities and private colleges
  • Public and private schools
  • Churches --places of worship
  • Commercial tenant fit outs
  • Offices they can be any type - doctors, dentists etc.
  • Exterior coatings of commercial buildings
  • Exterior masonry waterproofing brick and CMU buildings
  • Elastomeric coatings
  • Exterior building caulking, removal and installation
  • Project maintenance of all types of paint scopes from one person to multiple persons on site daily to an as needed basis
  • Masonry stucco patching to parging of walls prior to painting
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings and loading dock floors

Power Washing is another service we offer. This involves projects such as Raymond stadium at the University of Delaware to buildings as tall a 10 floors. We are familiar with all types of lifts and have used swing scaffolding when needed.

We offer a building maintenance plan for areas that need to be cleaned (power washed) on a regular schedule such as condos and places of business. From gas stations to stores, condo units to apartment complexes to restaurants. We also offer painting as needed (tenants move out) for rental units.

Industrial Painting Services

Team RPI has been involved in some light industrial work:

  • Cleaning, priming and painting of a 250 ft.warehouse structural ceiling
  • Color coding of pipes cleaning and painting of HVAC duct work
  • Removing production grease from warehouse flooring and re-scaling the floor
  • Providing directional markings on the production floor for fork lift traffic
Delaware and Maryland Commercial Painting -- Roma Painting
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